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Press Release

Mayor Kelly Kautz Qualifies for Re-Election

Snellville, GA. – Mayor Kelly Kautz was the first to qualify this morning in the race for Snellville Mayor. Mayor Kautz
arrived to City Hall early this morning, and with her eight month old son, Preston, sitting on her lap she completed
the paperwork to seek a second term and continue as the first female Mayor of Snellville.

During Mayor Kautz’s tenure as mayor, the City of Snellville has experienced an
increase in property values and a decrease in reported crime, new business licenses
and job growth have flourished, and the City has been recognized as both a Best
Place to Retire in Georgia and a Best Place for Home Ownership.

Mayor Kautz stated “It has been an honor to serve the citizens of Snellville as Mayor
and a member of Council. During my time on the Council, the citizens have placed
their trust and confidence in the vision that we set forth for our City. Together we
have worked hard towards our shared vision, and we have accomplished a great
deal. Today, I am asking the citizens of Snellville to allow me to have another four
years to be a voice for them, the people, and to finish the positive projects we have

Originally, Mayor Kautz was hesitant to announce her decision for re-election.
Mayor Kautz has never wavered in her desire to serve the citizens of Snellville,
but she did not want to subject her family and friends to the false, negative attacks that are often associated with
Snellville politics.

Mayor Kautz said “After an outpouring of support from citizens and much discussion and prayer with my family, my
husband and parents have given me their full support and blessing to run for re-election. I strive to be a role
model for my new son, and I feel that I would not be setting a good example now if I gave in to negative bullying not
to run for re-election.

Mayor Kautz wants to assure that the City of Snellville has something to offer citizens of all ages. She is committed
to assuring that the quality of life in Snellville remains a place where her and her husband can raise their son and
where her parents can enjoy retirement.

Mayor Kautz will elaborate more on her accomplishments and continued vision for the City of Snellville in the
weeks to come. In the meantime for more information please visit

NOV. 3rd
@ Snellville City