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Kelly's Vision and Plan for Snellville
Towne Center:   Kelly supports the creation of a Towne Center for
Snellville. However, unlike her opponent Kelly does NOT believe that a
Towne Center should be the SOLE focus of the administration. In
addition, Kelly believes that we must focus on what can be done now
to improve our City not just 20-30 years from now. Contrary to claims
the City of Snellville has been working on developing a Towne Center
since 2002. Kelly would like to utilize grants, SPLOST funds and private
donations to build a Culture Arts Center (similar to the drawing) which
will house performing arts stages,conference rooms and spaces for after
school programs for our youth on the Wisteria Property that the City owns. In addition there is room on this property to
turn the "bridge to no where" into a positive focal point of the City. Kelly would like to keep the Farmer's Market on the
Towne Green, but move larger events and festivals to the Wisteria property. This would create more space, protect the
businesses on Oak Road who suffer when the road is closed and prevent pedestrians from being so close to Highway 78.

There is also room on this property for centralized parking. Kelly would like to begin a trolley service around the shopping
district of Snellville to ease traffic concerns.

In the 20-30 year vision for a Towne Center supported by Witts many vibrant businesses that are currently in operation
have been demolished simply because they do not fit into the "plan". Kelly believes that we must work with these
businesses and build upon them not condemn them . In 2010,
Jacobs, Jordon and Gould conducted a feasibility study
which found that  the Towne Center retail space proposed in Witts's vision cannot be sustained any time in the near
future. Instead JJG recommended that the City focus its efforts on road improvements.

Unlike her opponent, Kelly does NOT support building an apartment complex on the Wisteria property. Kelly does not
believe that we have the amenities and infrastructure to support an apartment development there.

Regardless of the City's vision Kelly believes that it is time to stop spending hundreds of thousands of dollars studying a
Towne Center. Instead it is time to take action.  Part of this action must be addressing the issues of zoning North Road
and passing the ordinance which will create the overlay district for North Road that the City has already funded.    

Economic Development:   Under Kelly's tenure as mayor, economic development in Snellville has flourished. Business
licenses have increased and once vacant properties have now been redeveloped. Kelly accredits this to a new business
friendly attitude by staff and a more common sense approach to enforcement of the City's regulations without
compromising our standards.

Kelly has supported the formation of various economic organizations in Snellville such as the Snellville Trade and Tourism
Association, the Snellville Urban Redevelopment Authority and the Student Entreprenuer Alliance with South Gwinnett and
Brookwood High Schools. What the City needs now is a clear plan or policy on how these different organizations will
operate in concert with one another, so that we can work smarter not harder to continue to see business succeed in

Kelly also supports adding a private forum to the Snellville Toolbox website, where local businesses can discuss issues
with each other and post regulation questions to staff.

Public Safety:   As a former prosecutor Kelly understands the importance of public safety. Kelly has supported increasing
the number of Snellville police officers, increasing the starting salary for police officers, placing lap top computers in police
vehicles with touch screens, the building of the new police department, purchasing new police vehicles, and a take home
police vehicle policy. Thanks to the hard work of our police and chief overall crime in Snellville has decreased.

Kelly realizes that every time a police officer puts on a uniform he/she is risking his/her life now more than ever before.
That is why this past fiscal year, Kelly supported giving our police department a pay raise. Currently, a starting officer only
makes in the low $30s for risking his/her life. To Kelly, no amount of money could ever rightfully compensate our police
officers, but currently the Snellville Police are some of the lowest paid officers in Metro Atlanta. Unfortunately, Tom Witts
and his supporters on Council would not support a raise in this year's budget. But, if re-elected Kelly will make it her
priority for all officers to receive a pay increase. The Snellville Police Department is our biggest asset and should be
treated as such.

Promotion of the Arts:    Studies show that promoting the arts in a City has a positive impact on economic development.
Kelly has always been a supported of the Arts. Kelly has been active in forming organizations to organize the different
facets of art in Snellville. Kelly is the founder of the Snellville Arts Commission. Kelly also created Art on The Wall at City
Hall, a program that allows local artists to display their artwork on the blank walls of City Hall. In addition Kelly is working to
build out a portion of unused City Hall to create a multipurpose room to be used for small performances.

If re-elected Kelly, will continue to advocate for the Arts. She has authored an Arts in public Places ordinance that will
allow new developments to contribute to an Art fund similar to the tree bank fund or in lieu of a contribution the developer
may chose to incorporate some form of art into the new development. This fund will be used purchase artwork and
sculptures throughout the City. Most importantly, Kelly would like to develop a Culture Arts Center in Snellville that can
host  performances  as well as provide space for art classes, concerts and exhibits. In other cities community centers
attract any where from 5,000 to 80,000 patrons a year. Studies show that over 80% of those patrons then go and shop
and eat in nearby stores and restaurants. So, any promotion of the arts in Snellville will also promote economic

Parks System:  As mayor, Kelly has made improvements to Briscoe Park a priority. The park was one time the jewel of
our City and Kelly hopes to return it to its glory. During Kelly's tenure, a new general field and two new softball fields have
been constructed. Kelly was personally able to use her trip to Turkey to secure the donation of new fitness equipment for
the walking trial. The fence has been repaired, pavillons and bathrooms have been remodeled, the tennis courts have
been renovated and as a whole the City has dedicated more money and attention to the maintainence of Briscoe Park.
The Council adopted a new master plan for the park and if re-elected Kelly will continue to be the park's advocate. Kelly
hopes to complete the walking trail, add lighting and safety call boxes throughout the park, complete a new sand volleyball
court, expand the tennis courts and improve the basketball courts.

Kelly would also like to see the City apply for federal grants to create a system of passive parks and green spaces
throughout the City without spending taxpayers' money beginning with the development of the passive park on Oak Road.
Finally, Kelly has been in contact with the University of Georgia School of Ecology about Baker's Rock. Kelly would like to
see the City work in partnership with UGA to create classes and an ecology center at Baker's Rock while preserving the
endangered wildlife there.

School System:   One of the most important factors a person looks at when deciding to come to a community is the
school system. Unfortunately the City of Snellville government has no control over the school system here. But that does
not mean that we cannot work together to assure that Snellville schools are the best that they can be. As mayor, Kelly has
re-established working relationships with each of our local schools. She has joined each schools PTSA, she has
participated in Principal for a Day Program, she has awarded the Mayor's Cup each year and she has been a guest
speaker for various events and organizations. Kelly also started the Mayor's Student Roundtable Program. Through this
program students from each of the local high schools meets with Kelly to discuss, plan and volunteer with community
events and projects. This allows our students to become involved in the community and allows them to help shape the City.

In assuring that our schools offers the best to our children there are matters outside of the school system that the City can
control that will have a direct impact. For instance, Kelly supports using Splost funds to create a connected path of
sidewalks along Highway 78 to South Gwinnett High School so that our children are not walking on a dangerous and busy
highway. Kelly has also formed a committee to apply for a federal grant to help build pedestrian bridges across Highway
78. One of the biggest complaints about our community is the lack of things for our youth to do after school. Kelly would
like to partner with local churches and South Gwinnett High School to utilize Kelly's proposed cultural arts center to offer
after school programs for our children.

Our Sidewalks and Roads:   Kelly realizes the importance of maintaining our roadways. If the City has roads with pot
holes and in the need of re-paving then no resident will want to move here and no business will want to open here.
Unfortunately, for the past couple of years the majority of Council has cut the money allocated for paving in Snellville's
budget in order to reduce property taxes by a small fraction.  As Mayor, Kelly has developed a Master Sidewalk Plan for
the City of Snellville, so that all of the City's sidewalks connect, are in a walkable condition and lead to somewhere with a
purpose. Kelly believes that the priority for sidewalks is along Highway 78 to South Gwinnett High School, so that our
youth can safely walk to school. She needs the support of Council to implement this Master Plan.
Nov. 3rd
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